Vol 12, No 5 (2012)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

An interacting two-fluid scenario for dark energy in a Bianchi type-I cosmological model PDF
Triloki Singh, Raghavendr Chaubey 473-484
Peculiar early-type galaxies with central star formation PDF
Chong Ge, Qiu-Sheng Gu 485-499
Order and chaos in a galactic model with a strong nuclear bar PDF
Euaggelos E. Zotos 500-512
The debris disk candidates: eleven 24 μm excess stars in the Spitzer SWIRE fields PDF
Hong Wu, Chao-Jian Wu, Chen Cao, Sebastian Wolf, Jing-Yao Hu 513-528
Recovering the pulse profiles and polarization position angles of some pulsars from interstellar scattering PDF
Abdujappar Rusul, Ali Esamdin, Alim Kerim, Dilnur Abdurixit, Hong-Guang Wang, Xiao-Ping Zheng 529-539
The effect of dynamical quark mass on the calculation of a strange quark star’s structure PDF
Gholam Hossein Bordbar, Babak Ziaei 540-550
Periodic orbits around areostationary points in the Martian gravity field PDF
Xiao-Dong Liu, Hexi Baoyin, Xing-Rui Ma 551-562
Application of a data-driven simulation method to the reconstruction of the coronal magnetic field PDF
Yu-Liang Fan, Hua-Ning Wang, Han He, Xiao-Shuai Zhu 563-572
The kinematics of an untwisting solar jet in a polar coronal hole observed by SDO/AIA PDF
Hua-Dong Chen, Jun Zhang, Su-Li Ma 573-583
Simulation and fabrication of the atmospheric turbulence phase screen based on a fractal model PDF
Jia Peng, Sijiong Zhang 584-590
An active coronagraph using a liquid crystal array for exoplanet imaging: principle and testing PDF
Xi Zhang, De-Qing Ren, Yong-Tian Zhu, Jiang-Pei Dou 591-600

Print ISSN: 1674-4527

Online ISSN: 2397-6209