Vol 11, No 12 (2011)

Table of Contents


The optical/ultraviolet excess of isolated neutron stars in the resonant cyclotron scattering model PDF
Hao Tong, Ren-Xin Xu, Li-Ming Song 1371-1376

Invited Reviews

Recent progress of solar physics research in China PDF
Cheng Fang 1377-1402

Research Papers

The effects of parametrization of the dark energy equation of state PDF
Ke Shi, Yong-Feng Huang, Tan Lu 1403-1412
The relationship between the radio core dominance parameter and the spectral index in different classes of extragalactic radio sources README TABLE1 TABLE2 TABLE3 PDF
Jun-Hui Fan, Jiang-He Yang, Jing Pan, Tong-Xu Hua 1413-1428
Modeling the Newtonian dynamics for rotation curve analysis of thin-disk galaxies PDF
James Q. Feng, C. F. Gallo 1429-1448
The nature of orbits in a prolate elliptical galaxy model with a bulge and a dense nucleus PDF
Nicolaos D. Caranicolas, Euaggelos E. Zotos 1449-1456
On pulsar-driven mass ejection in low-mass X-ray binaries PDF
Lei Fu, Xiang-Dong Li 1457-1468
CCD photometry of W UMa-type contact binaries in the old open cluster Berkeley 39 PDF
Yellapragada Ravi Kiron, Kandulapati Sriram, Pasagada Vivekananda Rao 1469-1481
The prediction method of similar cycles PDF
Zhan-Le Du, Hua-Ning Wang 1482-1492
Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics Contents in 2011 (Vol. 11) PDF
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