Vol 11, No 6 (2011)

Table of Contents


The supernova remnant CTB 37B and its associated magnetar CXOU J171405.7–381031: evidence for a magnetar-driven remnant PDF
J. E. Horvath, M. P. Allen 625-630
Origin of power-law X-ray emission in the steep power-law state of X-ray binaries PDF
Li-Hong Yan, Jian-Cheng Wang 631-636

Research Papers

Comment on “Constraining the smoothness parameter and dark energy using observational H(z) data" PDF
V. C. Busti, R. C. Santos 637-640
Dark energy constraints from joint analysis of standard rulers and standard candles PDF
Marek Biesiada, Beata Malec, Aleksandra Piórkowska 641-654
On the fairness of the main galaxy sample of SDSS PDF
Ke-Lai Meng, Bin Ma, Jun Pan, Long-Long Feng 655-670
C2H, HC3N and HNC observations in OMC-2/3 PDF
Qiang Liu, Ji Yang, Yan Sun, Ye Xu 671-678
First-order phase transitions in rotating hybrid stars and pulsar glitches PDF
Fei Xiao, Chun-Mei Pi, Shu-hua Yang, Ai-Zhi Zhou, Xiao-Ping Zheng 679-686
A note on the discovery of a 2Msun pulsar PDF
Xiao-Yu Lai, Ren-Xin Xu 687-691
Magnetic field changes associated with three successive M-class solar flares on 2002 July 26 PDF
Pu Wang, Ming-De Ding, Hai-Sheng Ji, Hai-Min Wang 692-700
Detailed analysis of fan-shaped jets in three dimensional numerical simulation PDF
Rong-Lin Jiang, K. Shibata, H. Isobe, Cheng Fang 701-724
Panel positioning error and support mechanism for a 30-m THz radio telescope PDF
De-Hua Yang, Daniel Okoh, Guo-Hua Zhou, Ai-Hua Li, Guo-Ping Li, Jing-Quan Cheng 725-736
Time series data correction for the Chang’E-1 gamma-ray spectrometer PDF
Li-Yan Zhang, Yong-Liao Zou, Jian-Zhong Liu, Jian-Jun Liu, Ji Shen, Ling-Li Mu, Xin Ren, Wei-Bin Wen, Chun-Lai Li 737-750

Print ISSN: 1674-4527

Online ISSN: 2397-6209