Vol 11, No 5 (2011)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Cosmological constraints on the DGP braneworld model with gamma-ray bursts PDF
Nan Liang, Zong-Hong Zhu 497-506
Comparison of halo detection from noisy weak lensing convergence maps with Gaussian smoothing and MRLens treatment PDF
Yang-Xiu Jiao, Huan-Yuan Shan, Zu-Hui Fan 507-523
Detailed study of B037 based on HST images PDF
Jun Ma 524-536
Submillimeter / millimeter observations of the molecular clouds associated with Tycho’s supernova remnant PDF
Jin-Long Xu, Jun-Jie Wang, Martin Miller 537-544
Shock fragmentation model for gravitational collapse PDF
Michael Wilkinson, Bernhard Mehlig, Michael A. Morgan 545-562
Metallicity calibration for solar type stars based on red spectra PDF
Jing-Kun Zhao, Gang Zhao, Yu-Qin Chen, A-Li Luo 563-576
Search for pulsations in the LMXB EXO 0748–676 PDF
Chetana Jain, Biswajit Paul 577-582
Absolute parameters and physical nature of two W-UMa type binaries: V1123 Tau and V1128 Tau PDF
Xiao-Bin Zhang, An-Bin Ren, Chang-Qing Luo, Yang-Ping Luo 583-593
A time series of filament eruptions observed by three eyes from space: from failed to successful eruptions PDF
Yuan-Deng Shen, Yu Liu, Rui Liu 594-606
Possible radio precursors / signatures of the CMEs onset: radio type III bursts and fine structures in the centimeter-metric wavelength region PDF
Min Wang, Guan-Nan Gao, Rui-Xiang Xie, Cheng-Ming Tan 607-616
Instability of the cometary plasma tail — the instability in a plasma sheet PDF
Lin-Zhong Liu, Yue-Hua Ma, Jian-Chun Shi 617-624

Print ISSN: 1674-4527

Online ISSN: 2397-6209