Vol 10, No 12 (2010)

Table of Contents


A critique of supernova data analysis in cosmology PDF
Ram Gopal Vishwakarma, Jayant V. Narlikar 1195-1198

Invited Reviews

Dust growth in protoplanetary disks – a comprehensive experimental/theoretical approach PDF
Jürgen Blum 1199-1214

Research Papers

Contradiction between strong lensing statistics and a feedback solution to the cusp/core problem PDF
Da-Ming Chen, Stacy McGaugh 1215-1222
Multiwavelength study of nearly face-on low surface brightness disk galaxies PDF
Dong Gao, Yan-Chun Liang, Shun-Fang Liu, Guo-Hu Zhong, Xiao-Yan Chen, Yan-Bin Yang, Francois Hammer, Guo-Chao Yang, Li-Cai Deng, Jing-Yao Hu 1223-1241
Modeling the dynamical friction timescale of a sinking satellite PDF
Jian-Ling Gan, Xi Kang, Jin-Liang Hou, Rui-Xiang Chang 1242-1254
Influence of a scalar-isovector δ-meson field on the quark phase structure in neutron stars PDF
Grigor Bakhshi Alaverdyan 1255-1264
Asteroseismic study of the red giant є Ophiuchi PDF
Shao-Lan Bi, Ling-Huai Li, Yan-Ke Tang, Ning Gai 1265-1274
Non-similar collapse of singular isothermal spherical molecular cloud cores with nonzero initial velocities PDF
Mohsen Nejad-Asghar 1275-1286
The Galactic halo magnetic field revisited PDF
Xiao-Hui Sun, Wolfgang Reich 1287-1297
Recursive harmonic analysis for computing Hansen coefficients PDF
Mohamed Adel Sharaf, Hadia Hassan Selim 1298-1306
Quasi-periodic outflows observed by the X-Ray Telescope onboard Hinode in the boundary of an active region PDF
Li-Jia Guo, Hui Tian, Jian-Sen He 1307-1314
ERRATUM:“Statistical study of EUV and X-ray transient brightenings” (RAA, 10, 696 [2010]) PDF
Jing-Wei Li, Hui Li 1315-1315
Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics Contents in 2010 (Vol. 10) PDF
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