Vol 17, No 12 (2017)


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Research Papers

The non-Gaussian distribution of galaxy gravitational fields PDF
Vladimir Stephanovich, Włodzimierz Godłowski 119
Using Chebyshev polynomial interpolation to improve the computational efficiency of gravity models near an irregularly-shaped asteroid PDF
Shou-Cun Hu, Jiang-Hui Ji 120
Search for possible exomoons with the FAST telescope PDF
Dragan V. Lukić 121
Stellar structure model in hydrostatic equilibrium in the context of f(R)-gravity PDF
Raíla André, Gilberto M. Kremer 122
Dependence of large SEP events with different energies on the associated flares and CMEs PDF
Gui-Ming Le, Xue-Feng Zhang 123
Preliminary study on broadband antireflection coatings for large aperture telescopes PDF
Ye-Ru Wang, Xin-Nan Li, Jin-Feng Wang, Jie Tian 124
A 95 GHz methanol emission survey toward eight small supernova remnants PDF
Ying-Jie Li, Ye Xu, Xi Chen, Deng-Rong Lu, Yan Sun, Xin-Yu Du, Zhi-Qiang Shen 125
Is the filamentary dark cloud GF 6 a star forming region? — Stability analysis and infrared properties PDF
Jaeheon Kim, Hyun-Goo Kim, Sang Joon Kim, Bo Zhang 126
Determination of the free lunar libration modes from ephemeris DE430 PDF
Yong-Zhang Yang, Jin-Ling Li, Jin-Song Ping, Hideo Hanada 127
Reanalysis of the orbital period variations of two DLMR overcontact binaries: FG Hya and GR Vir PDF
Xu-Dong Zhang, Yun-Xia Yu, Fu-Yuan Xiang, Ke Hu 128
A physical interpretation of the Titius-Bode rule and its connection to the closed orbits of Bertrand’s theorem PDF
Dimitris M. Christodoulou, Demosthenes Kazanas 129

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