Vol 17, No 2 (2017)


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Research Papers

Effects of non-Newtonian gravity on the properties of strange stars PDF
Zhen-Yan Lu, Guang-Xiong Peng, Kai Zhou 11
What is the right way to quench star formation in semi-analytic models of galaxy formation? PDF
Yu Luo, Xi Kang 12
New limits on the photon mass with radio pulsars in the Magellanic clouds PDF
Jun-Jie Wei, Er-Kang Zhang, Song-Bo Zhang, Xue-Feng Wu 13
Modeling the redshift and energy distributions of fast radio bursts PDF
Xiao-Feng Cao, Ming Xiao, Fei Xiao 14
Double-lined M dwarf eclipsing binaries from Catalina Sky Survey and LAMOST PDF
Chien-Hsiu Lee, Chien-Cheng Lin 15
High spatial resolution spectroscopy of Tycho’s SNR with Chandra PDF
Yun-Dong Guo, Xue-Juan Yang 16
Optical spectroscopy and photometry of main-belt asteroids with a high orbital inclination PDF
Aya Iwai, Yoichi Itoh, Tsuyoshi Terai, Ranjan Gupta, Asoke Sen, Jun Takahashi 17
Space debris tracking based on fuzzy running Gaussian average adaptive particle filter track-before-detect algorithm PDF
Peerapong Torteeka, Peng-Qi Gao, Ming Shen, Xiao-Zhang Guo, Da-Tao Yang, Huan-Huan Yu, Wei-Ping Zhou, You Zhao 18
Statistical analyses for NANOGrav 5-year timing residuals PDF
Yan Wang, James M. Cordes, Fredrick A. Jenet, Shami Chatterjee, Paul B. Demores, Timothy Dolch, Justin A. Ellis, Michael T. Lam, Dustin R. Madison, Maura A. McLaughlin, Delphine Perrodin, Joanna Rankin, Xavier Siemens, Michele Vallisneri 19
Long-term photometric behavior of the PMS stars V977 Cep and V982 Cep in the vicinity of NGC 7129 PDF
Sunay Ibryamov, Evgeni Semkov, Teodor Milanov, Stoyanka Peneva 20
An improved solution to geometric distortion using an orthogonal method PDF
Huan-Wen Peng, Qing-Yu Peng, Na Wang 21

Print ISSN: 1674-4527

Online ISSN: 2397-6209