2005 Supplement: The Fifth Microquasar Workshop 2004 (1-364)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Exploring the INTEGRAL Sources in Search for New Microquasars PDF
M Ribó, J A Combi, I F Mirabel 1-6
A Toy Model for 3:2 Ratio of kHz QPO Frequency in Black Hole X-ray Binaries PDF
Ding-Xiong Wang, Yong-Chun Ye, Ren-Yi Ma, Xiao-Long Gong 7-12
Shot Timescales in Accreting Black Hole Binaries: ω Spectrum and its Application PDF
Hua Feng, Shuang-Nan Zhang, Ti-Pei Li 13-20
Some Conclusions on the MHD Alfvén Wave OscillationModel of kHz QPO PDF
Cheng-Min Zhang 21-26
Numerical Simulations Reveal the Origin of QPOs in Black Hole Candidates PDF
Sandip K Chakrabarti 27-32
Class Transitions in Black Holes (Invited Report)<\/i>) PDF
Sandip K Chakrabarti 33-42
Magnetic Pumping in Accretion Disk Coronae (Invited Report)<\/i>) PDF
R Belmont, M Tagger 43-48
Microquasar: Disk Models PDF
Shin Mineshige, Ken-ya Watarai 49-56
Observations of Rapid Disk-Jet Interaction in GRS 1915+105 PDF
David M Rothstein, Stephen S Eikenberry, Keith Matthews 57-62
Evidence for Jet Collimation in SS 433 with the Chandra HETGS PDF
Masaaki Namiki, Nobuyuki Kawai, Taro Kotani, Kazuo Makishima 63-68
Results of Recent Multi-Wavelength Campaign of SS433 PDF
Sabyasachi Pal, Sandip K Chakrabarti, K Goswami, A Nandi, B G Ananda Rao, S Mondal 69-74
Evolutionary Constraints on the Masses of the Components of HDE 226868/Cyg X-1 Binary System PDF
Janusz Ziółkowski 75-79
Gamma-Ray Spectral Characteristics of Thermal and Non-Thermal Emission from Three Black Holes PDF
James C Ling, William A Wheaton 80-86
Low Frequency Radio Observations of GRS 1915+105 with GMRT PDF
C H Ishwara-Chandra, A Pramesh Rao, Mamta Pandey, R K Manchanda, Philippe Durouchoux 87-92
Unveiling the Nature of the New Transient IGR J19140+0951 PDF
C Cabanac, J Rodriguez, P-O Petrucci, G Henri, D C Hannikainen, J Schultz, N Lund, P Durouchoux 93-98
The Properties of the Absorbing and Line Emitting Material in IGR J16318−4848 PDF
Giorgio Matt, M Guainazzi 99-103
INTEGRAL Reveals a New Class of Obscured High Mass X-ray Binaries: Focus on IGR J16318–4848 PDF
Sylvain Chat, Philippe Filliatre 104-109
Microquasars and Gamma-ray Sources (Invited Report)<\/i>) PDF
Gustavo E Romero 110-120
Microquasars as High-energy Gamma-ray Sources (Invited Report)<\/i>) PDF
Josep M Paredes 121-132
High-energy γ-ray Emission from Microquasars:LS 5039 and LS I +61 303 PDF
V Bosch-Ramon, J M Paredes 133-138
Multiwavelength Observations of Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources PDF
Philip Kaaret 139-146
QSO-Galaxy Association and Gravitational Lensing PDF
S M Tang, S N Zhang 147-152
Classifying the Zoo of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources PDF
Roberto Soria, Mark Cropper, Christian Motch 153-158
Black Hole X-ray Binaries in the Elliptical Galaxy NGC 1399 PDF
M Loewenstein, L Angelini, R F Mushotzky 159-163
Environment, Energy Injection, High-Energy Radiation and Cosmological Use of Gamma-Ray Bursts PDF
Z G Dai 164-170
Probing GRB Jet Structure from Prompt Emission PDF
Jon Hakkila, Timothy W Giblin, Kevin C Young, David J Haglin, Richard J Roiger, Jay P Norris, Jerry D Bonnell 171-176
Detecting High-Energy Neutrinos from Microquasars with the ANTARES Telescope PDF
G F Burgio, (for thethe ANTARES Collaboration) 177-182
Neutrinos from Microquasars PDF
Diego F Torres, Gustavo E Romero, Felix Mirabel 183-188
Jets Accelerated From the Disk Coronae in Active Galactic Nuclei PDF
Xinwu Cao 189-194
Particle Acceleration in Astrophysical Shear Flows PDF
Frank M Rieger, Peter Duffy 195-200
Phenomenological Analogies in TeV Blazars and Black Hole X-ray Binaries in Low State PDF
You-Hong Zhang 201-206
Gamma-ray Emission in GPS Quasars PDF
Jin-Ming Bai 207-212
Optical Variability of Blazars (Invited Report)<\/i>) PDF
Jun-Hui Fan 213-223
Thomson-thick AGN — A Radio Emission View PDF
J Yang, X Lui 224-228
Faint Radio Active Galactic Nuclei PDF
L Gregorini 229-234
Black Hole Mass of Microquasars and Quasars PDF
Xue-Bing Wu 235-240
Outflows and Inflows in Astrophysical Systems PDF
Yue Shen, Yu-Qing Lou 241-246
Preliminary Results of the Optical Observations of Three Microquasars PDF
J Z Yan, Q Z Liu, H R Han 247-252
Simulating Pairs of HFQPOs from Micro-Quasars with Equivalent Circuit PDF
Guo-Zheng Yao, Ding-Xiong Wang 253-257
Radial Epicyclic Frequency in a Perfect Fluid Disk Around Compact Objects PDF
Lei Qian, Xue-Bing Wu 258-262
Applying Magnetized Accretion-Ejection Models to Microquasars: A Preliminary Step PDF
P O Petrucci, J Ferreira, S Tricot, G Pelletier, C Cabanac, G Henri 263-268
GMRT Observations of Microquasar V4641 Sgr PDF
C H Ishwara-Chandra, A Pramesh Rao 269-272
X-ray Spectral Behavior in the Low/Hard States of Black Hole Candidates PDF
Kazutaka Yamaoka, Masami Uzawa, Mariko Arai, Tohru Yamazaki, Atsumasa Yoshida 273-278
A New Model for Gamma-Ray Burst Powered by the Blandford-Znajek Process PDF
Wei-Hua Lei, Ding-Xiong Wang, Ren-Yi Ma 279-283
Microquasar Models for 3EG J1828+0142 and 3EG J1735-1500 PDF
V Bosch-Ramon, J M Paredes, G E Romero, D F Torres 284-288
The Relation between X-ray Spectral Index and theEddington Ratio in AGNs PDF
Wei-Hao Bian 289-293
Searching for the Physical Driver of the Correlations for an X-ray Selected AGN Sample PDF
Da-Wei Xu, S Komossa, Jian-Yan Wei 294-298
The Spectral Energy Distributions of Different Types of Seyfert Galaxies PDF
Ran Wang, Xue-Bing Wu 299-304
Helical Motion and the Origin of QPO in Blazar-type Sources PDF
Frank M Rieger 305-310
On the Possible Origin of Optical Circular Polarization in Blazars PDF
Frank M Rieger, Karl Mannheim 311-317
Study the X-ray Dust Scattering Halos with Chandra Observations of Cygnus X-3 and Cygnus X-1 PDF
Jingen Xiang, Shuang Nan Zhang, Yangsen Yao 318-324
A Simple Idea for the Changing Sign of the Lag inMicroquasars PDF
P Varnière 325-330
A GHz Flare in a Quiescent Black Hole and A Determination of the Mass Accretion Rate PDF
Sabyasachi Pal, Sandip K Chakrabarti 331-334
Multiwavelength Observations of One Galaxy in Marano Field PDF
Y C Liang, F Hammer, H Flores, D Elbaz, L C Deng, F Assémat, N Gruel, X Z Zheng, D Marcillac, C J Cesarsky 335-340
Observations of Gamma-Ray Outbursts from Galactic Microquasars PDF
G L Case, M L Cherry, C Fannin, J Rodi, J C Ling, W A Wheaton 341-346
The Black Hole Mass and Magnetic Field Correlation in Active Galactic Nuclei PDF
Wei-Ming Zhang, Ye Lu, Shuang-Nan Zhang 347-352
Astrophysical Quark Matter PDF
Renxin Xu 353-358
Detecting sub-mJy sources with the EVN PDF
Zsolt Paragi, Michael A Garrett, Andrew D Biggs 359-364

Print ISSN: 1674-4527

Online ISSN: 2397-6209