ChJAA Vol 5, No 1 (2005)

Table of Contents


A New Interpretation of the Bipolar HII Region S106 from HCN J=3-2 Mapping Observations PDF
Sheng-Li Qin, Jun-Jie Wang, Gang Zhao, Martin Miller

Research Papers

Two-fluid Dynamics in Clusters of Galaxies Pairwise Velocity Statistics of Dark Halos PDF
Yu-Qing Lou
The Relation between the Inclinations of Broad Line Regions and the Accretion Disk PDF
Wei-Hao Bian
Interstellar Refractive Scintillation and Intraday Polarization Angle Swings PDF
Shan-Jie Qian, Xi-Zhen Zhang, A. Kraus
The Hybrid Nature of 0846+51W1: a BL Lac Object with a Narrow Line Seyfert 1 Nucleus PDF
Hong-Yan Zhou, Ting-Gui Wang, Xiao-Bo Dong, Cheng Li, Xue-Guang Zhang
Images at 20cm and the Spectrum Index of NGC2997 PDF
Hui Men, Jin-Lin Han
Polarization in Gamma-Ray Bursts Produced by Pinch Discharge PDF
Mei Wu, Li Chen, Ti-Pei Li
Influence of the Choice of Core-Envelope Transition Point on the Binary Merger of Two Main-sequence Components PDF
Xue-Fei Chen, Zhan-Wen Han
Evolution of a Long-lived Sunspot Group and Its Associated Solar-terrestrial Events PDF
Gui-Qing Zhang, Li-Rong Tian
A Probable Short Decimetric Type I-like Noise Storm: Associated with Type III Bursts? PDF
Rui-Xiang Xie, Min Wang, Yi-Hua Yan
The Influence of Ion-Acoustic Turbulence on the Electron Acceleration in the Reconnecting Current Sheet PDF
Gui-Ping Wu, Guang-Li Huang, Yu-Hua Tang
Evidence for a Strong Correlation of Solar Proton Events with Solar Radio Bursts PDF
Xiao-Cong Li, Lian-Sheng Kang

Print ISSN: 1674-4527

Online ISSN: 2397-6209