Vol 9, No 11 (2009)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Cusp-core problem and strong gravitational lensing PDF
Nan Li, Da-Ming Chen 1173-1184
Effects of the cosmological constant on chaos in an FRW scalar field universe PDF
Da-Zhu Ma, Xin Wu, Shuang-Ying Zhong 1185-1191
SDSS spectroscopy for blazars in the Fermi LAT bright AGN sample PDF
Zhao-Yu Chen, Min-Feng Gu, Zhong-Hui Fan, Xin-Wu Cao 1192-1204
Contribution from unresolved discrete sources to the extragalactic gamma-ray background (EGRB) PDF
Debbijoy Bhattacharya, Parameswaran Sreekumar, Reshmi Mukherjee 1205-1214
Stellar ages and metallicities of nearby elliptical galaxies PDF
Bai-Tian Tang, Qiu-Sheng Gu, Song Huang 1215-1229
The pairwise velocity difference of over 2000 BHB stars in the Milky Way halo PDF
Xiang-Xiang Xue, Hans-Walter Rix, Gang Zhao 1230-1240
Detectability of rotation-powered pulsars in future hard X-ray surveys PDF
Wei Wang 1241-1258
Color excesses of type Ia supernovae from the single-degenerate channel model PDF
Xiang-Cun Meng, Xue-Fei Chen, Zhan-Wen Han, Wu-Ming Yang 1259-1269
DZ Lyn: a contact binary with components in poor thermal contact PDF
Massimiliano Martignoni, Francesco Acerbi, Carlo Barani 1270-1276
A network flow algorithm to position tiles for LAMOST PDF
Guang-Wei Li, Gang Zhao 1277-1284

Print ISSN: 1674-4527

Online ISSN: 2397-6209