Vol 16, No 5 (2016)

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Launching jets from accretion belts PDF
Ron Schreier, Noam Soker 70

Research Papers

A fast Stokes inversion technique based on quadratic regression PDF
Fei Teng, Yuan-Yong Deng 71
An isolated compact galaxy triplet PDF
Shuai Feng, Zheng-Yi Shao, Shi-Yin Shen, Maria Argudo-Fernandez, Hong Wu, Man-I Lam, Ming Yang, Fang-Ting Yuan 72
A high-contrast imaging polarimeter with a stepped-transmission filter based coronagraph PDF
Cheng-Chao Liu, De-Qing Ren, Yong-Tian Zhu, Jiang-Pei Dou, Jing Guo 73
Photometric redshift estimation for quasars by integration of KNN and SVM PDF
Bo Han, Hong-Ping Ding, Yan-Xia Zhang, Yong-Heng Zhao 74
Reduced spin-down rate of PSR J0738–4042 explained as due to an asteroid disruption event PDF
Yong-Bo Yu, Yong-Feng Huang 75
Spectroscopic study of Be-shell stars: 4 Her and 88 Her PDF
Shruthi S Bhat, Paul KT, Annapurni Subramaniam, Blesson Mathew 76
Broad-band spectroscopy of the transient X-ray binary pulsar KS~1947+300 during 2013 giant outburst: Detection of pulsating soft X-ray excess component PDF
Prahlad Epili, Sachindra Naik, Gaurava K. Jaisawal 77
Investigation of intergranular bright points from the New Vacuum Solar Telescope PDF
Kai-Fan Ji, Jian-Ping Xiong, Yong-Yuan Xiang, Song Feng, Hui Deng, Feng Wang, Yun-Fei Yang 78
On the variable timing behavior of PSR B0540−69: an almost excellent example to study the pulsar braking mechanism PDF
Fei-Fei Kou, Zi-Wei Ou, Hao Tong 79
Quark nova model for fast radio bursts PDF
Zachary Shand, Amir Ouyed, Nico Koning, Rachid Ouyed 80
Z Draconis with two companions in a 2:1 mean-motion resonance PDF
Jin-Zhao Yuan, Hakan Volkan Şenavcı, Sheng-Bang Qian 81
Diagnosing physical conditions near the flare energy-release sites from observations of solar microwave type III bursts PDF
Bao-Lin Tan, Marian Karlický, Hana Mészárosová, Guang-Li Huang 82
Strong screening effects on resonant nuclear reaction 23Mg (p, γ)24 Al in the surface of magnetars PDF
Jing-Jing Liu 83
Comparison of cosmological models using standard rulers and candles PDF
Xiao-Lei Li, Shuo Cao, Xiao-Gang Zheng, Song Li, Marek Biesiada 84
The distance duality relation test from the ACT cluster and type Ia supernova data PDF
Lin-Hai Hu, Pu-Xun Wu, Hong-Wei Yu 85

Print ISSN: 1674-4527

Online ISSN: 2397-6209