Vol 15, No 9 (2015)

Table of Contents


Signature of high-order azimuthal MHD body modes in sunspot’s low atmosphere PDF
Ding Yuan 1449-1454

Research Papers

The nature of the γ-ray flare associated with blazar 3C 454.3 PDF
Wen Hu, Zhong-Hui Fan, Ben-Zhong Dai 1455-1466
A note on the puzzling spindown behavior of the Galactic center magnetar SGR J1745−2900 PDF
Hao Tong 1467-1474
Thermal evolution of neutron stars with decaying magnetic fields PDF
Wei Wei, Xiao-Ping Zheng, Xi-Wei Liu 1475-1482
The de-excited energy of electron capture in accreting neutron star crusts PDF
Jie Zhang 1483-1492
Light curve solutions of six eclipsing binaries at the lower limit of periods for W UMa stars PDF
Diana P. Kjurkchieva, Dinko P. Dimitrov, Sunay I. Ibryamov 1493-1503
Searching for events in Chinese ancient records to explain the increase in 14C from AD 774–775 and AD 993–994 PDF
Ya-Ting Chai, Yuan-Chuan Zou 1504-1512
Diagnostics of Ellerman bombs with high-resolution spectral data PDF
Zhen Li, Cheng Fang, Yang Guo, Peng-Fei Chen, Zhi Xu, Wen-Da Cao 1513-1524
Case studies of EUV cyclones and their associated magnetic fields PDF
Xin-Ting Yu, Jun Zhang, Ting Li, Shu-Hong Yang 1525-1536
Comparison between the eruptive X2.2 flare on 2011 February 15 and confined X3.1 flare on 2014 October 24 PDF
Ju Jing, Yan Xu, Jeongwoo Lee, Nariaki V. Nitta, Chang Liu, Sung-Hong Park, Thomas Wiegelmann, Haimin Wang 1537-1546
Flux emergence in the solar active region NOAA 11158: the evolution of net current PDF
Panditi Vemareddy, Parameswaran Venkatakrishnan, Solipuram Karthikreddy 1547-1558
Ionospheric inversion of the Venus Express radio occultation data observed by Shanghai 25 m and New Norcia 35 m antennas PDF
Su-Jun Zhang, Nian-Chuan Jian, Jin-Ling Li, Jin-Song Ping, Cong-Yan Chen, Ke-Fei Zhang 1559-1570
Feasible region and stability analysis for hovering around elongated asteroids with low thrust PDF
Hong-Wei Yang, Xiang-Yuan Zeng, Hexi Baoyin 1571-1586
Reflectance calibration and shadow effect of VNIS spectra acquired by the Yutu rover PDF
Sen Hu, Yang-Ting Lin, Bin Liu, Wei Yang, Zhi-Ping He, Wei-Fan Xing 1587-1596
Delay of planet formation at large radius and the outward decrease in mass and gas content of Jovian planets PDF
Li-Ping Jin, Chun-Jian Liu, Yu Zhang 1597-1603
A new segmentation algorithm for lunar surface terrain based on CCD images PDF
Hong-Kun Jiang, Xiao-Lin Tian, Ao-Ao Xu 1604-

Print ISSN: 1674-4527

Online ISSN: 2397-6209