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Vol 17, No 1 (2017): 1-10

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Table of Contents

Research Papers

Formation of E-cyanomethamine in a nitrile rich environment PDF
Shivani *, Alka Misra, Poonam Tandon 1
Extension of the rotating dipole model with oblateness of both primaries PDF
Xiang-Yuan Zeng, Xiang-Dong Liu, Jun-Feng Li 2
Chaos-induced resistivity of collisionless magnetic reconnection in the presence of a guide field PDF
Meng Shang, De-Jin Wu, Ling Chen, Peng-Fei Chen 3
Investigation of Galactic open cluster remnants: the case of NGC 7193 PDF
Mateus de Souza Angelo, João Francisco Coelho dos Santos Jr., Wagner José Barbosa Corradi, Francisco Ferreira de Souza Maia, Andrés Eduardo Piatti 4
Stellar parameters of main sequence turn-off star candidates observed with LAMOST and Kepler PDF
Ya-Qian Wu, Mao-Sheng Xiang, Xian-Fei Zhang, Tan-Da Li, Shao-Lan Bi, Xiao-Wei Liu, Jian-Ning Fu, Yang Huang, Zhi-Jia Tian, Kang Liu, Zhi-Shuai Ge, Xin He, Jing-Hua Zhang 5
Intensity distribution function and statistical properties of fast radio bursts PDF
Long-Biao Li, Yong-Feng Huang, Zhi-Bin Zhang, Di Li, Bing Li 6
Peak flux of flares associated with coronal mass ejections PDF
Gadikere Sheshagiriyappa Suryanarayana, Kagalagodu Manjunathayya Balakrishna 7
Design and calibration of a high-sensitivity and high-accuracy polarimeter based on liquid crystal variable retarders PDF
Jing Guo, De-Qing Ren, Cheng-Chao Liu, Yong-Tian Zhu, Jiang-Pei Dou, Xi Zhang, Christian Beck 8
A digital pulsar backend based on FPGA PDF
Jin-Tao Luo, Lan Chen, Jin-Lin Han, Ali Esamdin, Ya-Jun Wu, Zhi-Xuan Li, Long-Fei Hao, Xiu-Zhong Zhang 9
An investigation of a magnetic cataclysmic variable with a period of 14.1 ks PDF
Song Wang, Yu Bai, Chuan-Peng Zhang, Ji-Feng Liu 10

Print ISSN: 1674-4527

Online ISSN: 2397-6209