Vol 11, No 10 (2011) / Yuan

A multicolor photometric study of the neglected eclipsing binary FT Ursae Majoris

Jin-Zhao Yuan


The multicolor photometric observations of the neglected eclipsing binary FT Ursae Majoris (FT UMa) were obtained in 2010. The 2003 version of the Wilson-Devinney code was used to analyze the light curves in the B, V and R bands simultaneously. Based on the spectroscopic mass ratio q = 0.984 published by Pribulla et al., it is found that FT UMa is an evolved contact binary with a contact degree of 15.3%. The low amplitude of light variations, ~0.15mag, arises mainly from a moderately low inclination angle of i = 62.80º and almost identical components in size rather than the light dilution of a third component, which contributes light of only ~10%.


stars: binaries: close—stars: binaries: eclipsing—stars: individual: FT Ursae Majoris

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