Vol 17, No 7 (2017) / Do

HI emission from the red giant Y CVn with the VLA and FAST

Hoai T. Do, Nhung T. Pham, Lynn D. Matthews, Eric Gérard, Thibaut Le Bertre


Imaging studies with the Very Large Array (VLA) have revealed H I emission associated with the extended circumstellar shells of red giants. We analyze the spectral map obtained on Y CVn, a J-type carbon star on the Asymptotic Giant Branch. The H I line profiles can be interpreted with a model of a detached shell resulting from the interaction of a stellar outflow with the local interstellar medium. We reproduce the spectral map by introducing a distortion along a direction corresponding to the star’s motion in space. We then use this fitting to simulate observations expected from the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), and discuss its potential for improving our description of the outer regions of circumstellar shells.


stars: AGB and post-AGB — stars: carbon — stars: individual: Y CVn — radio lines: stars

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/1674–4527/17/7/67


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