Vol 17, No 6 (2017) / Li

Candidate members of the Pal 5, GD-1, Cetus Polar and Orphan tidal stellar halo streams from SDSS DR9, LAMOST DR3 and APOGEE catalogs

Guang-Wei Li, Brian Yanny, Hao-Tong Zhang, Zhong-Rui Bai, Yue Wu, Yi-Qiao Dong, Ya-Juan Lei, Hai-Long Yuan, Yong-Hui Hou, Yue-Fei Wang, Yong Zhang


d in LAMOST DR3, SDSS DR9 and APOGEE catalogs. In LAMOST DR3, we find 20, 4 and 24 high confidence candidates of tidal streams GD-1, Cetus Polar and Orphan respectively. We also list 59, 118 and 10 high confidence candidates of tidal streams Cetus Polar, Orphan and Pal 5, respectively from the SDSS DR9 spectroscopic catalog. Furthermore, we find seven high confidence candidates of the Pal 5 tidal stream in the APOGEE data. Compared with SDSS, the new candidates from LAMOST DR3 are brighter, so that together, more of the color-magnitude diagram, including the giant branch, can be explored. Analysis of the SDSS data shows that there are three metallicity peaks associated with the Orphan stream which also exhibit some spatial separation. The LAMOST data confirm multiple metallicities in this stream. The metallicity, given by the higher resolution APOGEE instrument, of the Pal 5 tidal stream is [Fe/H] ∼ −1.2, higher than that given earlier by SDSS spectra. Many previously unidentified stream members are tabulated here for the first time, along with existing members, allowing future researchers to further constrain the orbits of these objects as they move within the Galaxy’s dark matter potential.


Galaxy: structure general: stream — Galaxy: structure individual (GD-1, Orphan, Cetus, Pal 5)

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/1674–4527/17/6/62


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