ChJAA Vol 4, No 2 (2004) / Fu

A New Catalogue of Fine Structures Superimposed on Solar Microwave Bursts

Qi-Jun Fu, Yi-Hua Yan, Yu-Ying Liu, Min Wang, Shu-Juan Wang


The 2.6--3.8 GHz, 4.5--7.5 GHz, 5.2--7.6 GHz and 0.7--1.5 GHz component spectrometers of Solar Broadband Radio Spectrometer (SBRS) started routine observations, respectively, in late August 1996, August 1999, August 1999, and June 2000. They just managed to catch the coming 23rd solar active maximum. Consequently, a large amount of microwave burst data with high temporal and high spectral resolution and high sensitivity were obtained. A variety of fine structures (FS) superimposed on microwave bursts have been found. Some of them are known, such as microwave type III bursts, microwave spike emission, but these were observed with more detail; some are new. Reported for the first time here are microwave type U bursts with similar spectral morphology to those in decimetric and metric wavelengths, and with outstanding characteristics such as very short durations (tens to hundreds ms), narrow bandwidths, higher frequency drift rates and higher degrees of polarization. Type N and type M bursts were also observed. Detailed zebra pattern and fiber bursts at the high frequency were found. Drifting pulsation structure (DPS) phenomena closely associated with CME are considered to manifest the initial phase of the CME, and quasi-periodic pulsation with periods of tens ms have been recorded. Microwave ``patches", unlike those reported previously, were observed with very short durations (about 300 ms), very high flux densities (up to 1000 sfu), very high polarization (about 100% RCP), extremely narrow bandwidths (about 5%), and very high spectral indexes. These cannot be interpreted with the gyrosynchrotron process. A superfine structure in the form of microwave FS (ZPS, type U), consisting of microwave millisecond spike emission (MMS), was also found.


Sun: flares --- Sun: radio radiation --- instrumentation: spectrographs

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