ChJAA Vol 3, No 2 (2003) / Xu

A Kinematical Study of the NGC~7538 IRS~1 Region

Ye Xu, Xing-Wu Zheng, Dong-Rong Jiang


We present high angular resolution images of both NH3 (1, 1) and (2, 2) lines toward NGC 7538 IRS 1. The density and velocity-position plots have been used to study the interaction among the outflows, winds and their environment. For the first time we have found an expanding half-shell of molecular gas around the HII region associated with IRS 1, which may be produced by the interaction of the bipolar outflows and the winds originating in IRS 1–3, and optical HII region NGC 7538 with ambient molecular gas.


HII regions --- ISM: clouds --- ISM: individual (NGC 7538) --- ISM: kinematics

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