ChJAA Vol 3, No 1 (2003) / Xu

What Can the Redshift Observed in EXO 0748--676 Tell Us?

Ren-Xin Xu


The mass-radius relations for bare and crusted strange stars are calculated with the bag model. Comparing these relations with the observed one derived from the redshift of EXO 0748--676, we come to the conclusion that it is incorrect to say that EXO 0748--676 cannot be a strange star. Various strange star models can show that EXO 0748--676 could have a mass of (1.3~ 1.7) M⊙ and a radius of (8.4~ 11.4) km. It is proposed that a proportion of nascent strange stars could be bare and have masses ~0.1 M⊙, and their masses increased over a long period of accretion.


stars: fundamental parameters --- dense matter --- stars: neutron

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