ChJAA Vol 3, No 1 (2003) / Zhang

The Kinematic Theory of Solar Dynamo

Ke-Ke Zhang, Xin-Hao Liao


Generation of the Sun's magnetic fields by self-inductive processes in the solar electrically conducting interior, the solar dynamo theory, is a fundamentally important subject in astrophysics. The kinematic dynamo theory concerns how the magnetic fields are produced by kinematically possible flows without being constrained by the dynamic equation. We review a number of basic aspects of the kinematic dynamo theory, including the magnetohydrodynamic approximation for the dynamo equation, the impossibility of dynamo action with the solar differential rotation, the Cowling's anti-dynamo theorem in the solar context, the turbulent alpha effect and recently constructed three-dimensional interface dynamos controlled by the solar tachocline at the base of the convection zone.


Solar magnetic fields --- kinematic dynamos --- magnetohydrodynamics

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