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Vol 16, No 6 (2016)

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Table of Contents

Scientific Reminiscences

Reminiscence of my Sixty-five year Voyage in Astronomy PDF
Shou-Guan Wang 86


Automated removal of stripe interference in full-disk solar images PDF
Sheng Zheng, Shuan He, Yao Huang, Hui-Ling He, Gang-Hua Lin 87
A substorm-associated enhancement in the XUV radiation measuring channel observed by ESP/EVE/SDO PDF
Yan Yan, Hua-Ning Wang, Chao Shen, Zhan-Le Du 88
An H 2 O Maser survey towards BGPS sources in the Outer Galaxy PDF
Hong-Wei Xi, Jian-Jun Zhou, Jarken Esimbek, Gang Wu, Yu-Xin He, Wei-Guang Ji, Xiao-Ke Tang, Ye Yuan 89
Spatial dependence of high energy electrons and their radiations in pulsar wind nebulae PDF
Fang-Wu Lu, Quan-Gui Gao, Li Zhang 90
Numerical simulation of the Moon’s rotation in a rigorous relativistic framework PDF
Zai Wang, Wen-biao Han, Kai Tang, Jin-He Tao 91
Period ratios for standing kink and sausage modes in magnetized structures with siphon flow on the Sun PDF
Hui Yu, Shao-Xia Chen, Bo Li, Li-Dong Xia 92
Damping and power spectra of quasi-periodic intensity disturbances above a solar polar coronal hole PDF
Fang-Fan Jiao, Li-Dong Xia, Zheng-Hua Huang, Bo Li, Hui Fu, Ding Yuan, Kalugodu Chandrashekhar 93
Lunar-based Ultraviolet Telescope study of the well-known Algol-type binary TW Dra PDF
Wen-Ping Liao, Sheng-Bang Qian, Zejda Miloslav, Li-Ying Zhu, Lin-Jia Li 94
Irreversible rapid changes of magnetic field associated with the 2012 October 23 circular near-limb X1.8 Flare PDF
Dan-Dan Ye, Chang Liu, Haimin Wang 95
The high-amplitude δ Scuti variable CY Aqr is probably a triple system PDF
Wei-Jing Fang, Zhi-Quan Luo, Xiao-Bin Zhang, Li-Cai Deng, Kun Wang, Yang-Ping Luo, Yang Pan, Yin-Jiang Peng 96
Identification of candidate millisecond pulsars from Fermi LAT observations PDF PDF
Xue-Jie Dai, Zhong-Xiang Wang, Jithesh Vadakkumthani, Yi Xing 97
Preliminary numerical simulation of mirror seeing for the Chinese Future Giant Telescope PDF
En-Peng Zhang, Xiang-Qun Cui, Guo-Ping Li, Yong Zhang, Jian-Rong Shi, Yong-Heng Zhao 98
Operation of the jet feedback mechanism (JFM) in intermediate luminosity optical transients (ILOTs) PDF
Amit Kashi, Noam Soker 99
Rescuing the intracluster medium of NGC 5813 PDF
Noam Soker, Shlomi Hillel, Assaf Sternberg 100

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