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Vol 16, No 10 (2016): 150-163

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Table of Contents


Assessing the effects of timing irregularities on radio pulsars anomalous braking indices PDF
A. E. Chukwude, Finbarr Chidi Odo 150
Wide-bandwidth drift-scan pulsar surveys of globular clusters: application to early science observations with FAST PDF
Lei Zhang, George Hobbs, Di Li, Duncan Lorimer, Jie Zhang, Meng Yu, You-Ling Yue, Pei Wang, Zhi-Chen Pan, Shi Dai 151
The γ-ray emission produced by protons that escape from supernova remnant G349.7+0.2 PDF
Xiao Zhang, Hui Li, Yang Chen 152
Chromospheric activity on the late-type star V1355 Ori using Lijiang 1.8-m and 2.4-m telescopes PDF
Qing-Feng Pi, Li-Yun Zhang, Liang Chang, Xian-Ming Han, Hong-Peng Lu, Xi-Liang Zhang, Dai-Mei Wang 153
A study of variable stars in the open cluster NGC 1582 and its surrounding field PDF
Fang-Fang Song, Ali Esamdin, Lu Ma, Jin-Zhong Liu, Yu Zhang, Hu-Biao Niu, Tao-Zhi Yang 154
Relativistic time transfer for a Mars lander: from proper time to Areocentric Coordinate Time PDF
De-Wang Xu, Qing-Shan Yu, Yi Xie 155
Physical parameters and orbital period variation of a newly discovered cataclysmic variable GSC 4560–02157 PDF
Zhong-Tao Han, Sheng-Bang Qian, Irina Voloshina, Vladimir G. Metlov, Li-Ying Zhu, Lin-Jia Li 156
Photometric solution and period analysis of the contact binary system AH Cnc PDF
Yin-Jiang Peng, Zhi-Quan Luo, Xiao-Bin Zhang, Li-Cai Deng, Kun Wang, Jian-Feng Tian, Zheng-Zhou Yan, Yang Pan, Wei-Jing Fang, Zhong-Wen Feng, De-Lin Tang, Qi-Li Liu, Jin-Jiang Sun, Qiang Zhou 157
Sky reconstruction for the Tianlai cylinder array PDF
Jiao Zhang, Shi-Fan Zuo, Reza Ansari, Xuelei Chen, Yi-Chao Li, Feng-Quan Wu, Jean-Eric Campagne, Christophe Magneville 158
Spectral indices for radio emission of 228 pulsars PDF
Jun Han, Chen Wang, Jun Xu, Jinlin Han 159
Accreting He-rich material onto carbon-oxygen white dwarfs until explosive carbon ignition PDF
Cheng-Yuan Wu, Dong-Dong Liu, Wei-Hong Zhou, Bo Wang 160
On the power-law distributions of X-ray fluxes from solar flares observed with GOES PDF
You-Ping Li, Li Feng, Ping Zhang, Si-Ming Liu, Wei-Qun Gan 161
Application of the three-dimensional telegraph equation to cosmic-ray transport PDF
Robert Tautz, Ian Lerche 162
Does the gamma-ray signal from the central Milky Way indicate Sommerfeld enhancement of dark matter annihilation? PDF
Man-Ho Chan 163

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